Mudroom Makeover: Ikea Hack

There was no question I wanted a mudroom but living in California its not very practical. But they’re sooo pretty. So I racked my brain for a way to transform this space into a practical mudroom that would act as storage to make it a practical addition. I figured the best way to do this would be an Ikea hack. So hubby and I started engineering a way to make it work. With the dimensions of our space their Kallax bookshelf would make the perfect bench and their Pax wardrobe with this door would make the perfect cabinet storage. We set up both the bookcase bench and the closet but I realized I didn’t like the height of the bench. It felt too low for a natural seat height so we needed to build a 2×4 frame to seat it on. We ran liquid nails along the frame and sat the bench on top. Be generous with the liquid nails and leave it overnight with some sort of weight on top to make sure its seated well. 

The “Before”

In the meantime start the shiplap wall. We ran ours vertically and I love it. It makes the ceiling look so tall. We have 10 ft ceilings already but this room feels extra with this wall! I actually used real interlocking wood rather than shiplap because I loved the natural look and the knots in them but you can use whatever fits your look. We used these. After applying liquid nails to the shiplap, use a nail gun for extra security. We used some extra pieces (seen below) that the cabinet will sit against. You don’t want it seated too far back in the shiplap. Let dry overnight then yuo can paint! I chose Behr’s “Cracked Pepper” Its the perfect off-black with cool undertones.

Once the wall is dry and painted we moved the seat and cabinet into position. When it was all centered we placed a large live-edge wood slab my husband prepped to act as the top of the seat. You’ll notice in the photo we ran a 2×4 along the back wall to better support this bench top. Again, you’re using liquid nails to seat the top to the bench. The top isn’t necessary but better disperses the weight on the bookshelf. Any top will work. Remember, these are Ikea pieces so any extra support you can give is a plus. When the seat of choice is dry, you’re going to screw the cabinet into the bench top from inside the cabinet. We only used 2 screws. One towards the front of the cabinet, and one towards the back. If there is stud on the bother wall screw the bench into the stud there also. You’re making it a “built-in” at this point. Any spacing or gaps will be covered by trim or moulding so don’t worry!

Once the two pieces are “built in” you’re going to start making it look built in. Depending on your spacing and taste you may want different sized trim and moulding but we ran this along the bottom the bench and on the gaps between the bench, wall and cabinet to create a face. We ran this molding along the bench where it meets the wall and up the 2 corners where the wall meets the shiplap. See photo below.

Once that’s been attached to the wall, bench and cabinet pieces via nail gun, its time to caulk all the nail holes and spaces. This is when it really starts feeling “done”. Anywhere you attached trim or molding will get caulked. I’m terrible at caulking but I tried the wet finger and clean-up-with-a-rag trick and it worked alright. To each their own! Allow it to dry overnight before painting. 

I can’t tell you how happy I am with this space. It gets used daily for Zac’s muddy boots, jackets, un-sightly cleaning supplies in the closet and I even hide the broom and mop in there! If there’s any questions or links you need leave them in the comments below!

Happy DIY’ing!!

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    1. Thank you Jess! I got it from a local mill here. I’d check Facebook marketplace or Craigslist. There’s usually Mills around the area with great prices!

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