Neutral Nails- 5 Autumn Designs I am Loving.

Tortoise Shell French manicure by Shiloh Nails

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I live for anything neutral. So when it comes to my nails, its no different.

Here are the top neutral nail designs I am obsessing over this autumn and you should too!

Neutral with Line Art

I love this look. Everyone is buying the minimalist line art for their homes, why not paint it on your nails? Choose any base that is similar undertone to your skin and ask for lines in random directions across your nail.

Minimalist Line Art nails

Clear with Gold Leafing

This is such a great fall to winter nail look. I personally love gold but rose gold, silver, even a glittery deep green would be so pretty. Ask for a skin tone color or go clear and add shimmer to the top in strokes or if your salon has leafing, even better!!

Neutral base with gold leafing

Black “J”

I feel like everyone and their mother is on the black French manicure train so this is a fun alternative. Ask for a neutral base and drag one (or both, I won’t judge) sides of the black down the side of your nail bed. It adds a little flair to the French trend.

Black “J”

Deep, Rich Colors with Tortoise Shell

So I obviously love Tortoise shell. I wear a lot of black and camel colors in the fall so it always matches. This switches it up by picking a deep fall tone and throwing in a tortoise shelled nail in here and there.

Cranberry with Tortoise Shell

I hope these inspire you to try some new designs this season. If you do, please tag me on Instagram @elliethill!! I’d love to see them!

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