Amazon Home Picks

What would we do without Amazon? We moved into our new home in February at the start of this whole quarantine thing and we had kept basically nothing from our old home. So before I even had a chance to shop around and start making our new house a home, the world shut down. Enter Amazon who was always there for us. I decided I would do my best to decorate our home with items from Amazon. Well it wasn’t hard! I have found so many gems. From furniture to shelf decor knick knacks.

I decided to make it a habit to share all the Amazon goods I come across. This week I focused the finds on shelf decor and living room textiles. All items are stoppable at the bottom of the page and make sure you’re following me on the “Like to know it” app to shop as soon as I post.

In case you couldn’t tell, I love adding wood to warm up a space and add texture. We have a lot of black and metal accents in our home fixtures so the wood really warms up the space. These candles look so much like LeLabo candles but a fraction of the price and the scents are amazing as well. Pineapple Evergreen may sounds weird but OMG. Just try it. These blankets are so soft and again, add texture. Perfect for those fall mornings coming up. The mud cloth look his very in for you boho style lovers. I love the tan linen pillow with the hassles for my home. They are so dainty looking. The set of 3 vases is a staple on my shelf. I like to put a few sprigs of baby’s breath in them and they are super heavy duty- great quality! I always need greenery in my home but kill everyitng so I added the 2 greenery items that are always on my coffee table and shelves- air plants and eucalyptus. Last but not least this frame set is SUCH a steal. It has reversible prints and you can take them out and add your own. For 9 frames that are a great large size with matting, I have yet to find a better price anywhere!

I hope you are able to add at least some of these pieces to your home and love them as much as I do! If you have any or end up buying some please let me know in the comments!

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