Pantry Overhaul

If there’s one thing I hate more than clutter, it’s food clutter. I don’t want to see half eaten bags of chips and boxes of cereal crumpled, or miscellaneous cans of beans and sauces with no rhyme or reason strewn about. Call me unreasonable but I just want a pantry that looks like I have my life together. So I did it. It makes it easier to do this when moving in (like I did) rather than having to clear out and go through years of built up expired foods, so before putting any food in the pantry I bought my organization gear. I knew I didn’t want it to look too uniform so I bought various types of baskets and jars. I’ll link them all at the end of the post.

I knew I wanted larger appliances I didn’t use every day to be at the top of the pantry. Kitchenaid, Vitamix, hand mixer and food processor all went up. I also decided to display my cookbooks up there. Make it pretty if you can right? Along the bottom I lined appliances that weren’t so pretty- crockpot, spiralizer and entertaining supplies like the fondue set and drink dispenser. Along the other wall I have all my charcuterie boards, table runners and tables capes. I am still on the hunt for a nice large, but short basket that will for these entertaining items but be short enough to slide underneath the shelves. If I find one I’ll add it!

Next up! Lowest shelf. This shelf is still not a main focal point so it is also saved for the not-so-pretty items but is still a work in progress. I don’t like the way the mason jars look with the Tupperware. These will likely be moved to a cabinet in the future so I don’t have to stare at them. Beside the jars I have 2 large baskets holding all my husbands snacks for work. Think jerky, trail mixes and pretzels. In the basket next to it are all our chips. They are hidden quite nicely, which I love!

Moving up we have a separate basket for each category: crackers, rices, soups and broths. I think the baskets are a great size for these. The next wire baskets hold the onions/garlic and potatoes are in the back taller basket. I knew I wanted something that could be easily rinsed and cleaned since garlic and onions shed so much and potatoes are often covered in dirt. So these metal baskets were perfect! Along the next wall I have lazy Susans or turntables for the following categories: oils and vinegars (these don’t include our every day use oils, those are kept right by the stove), baking add ins (think baking powder/soda, vanilla etc) and finally, supplements.

Next, we have our power bar basket, coffee/espresso basket (hubby isn’t happy when his espresso machine runs out of beans so we make sure to keep plenty on hand), pasta sauces basket and pasta basket. I usually have plant based milk at the ready to I have both unsweetened and vanilla Milkadamia always at the ready! Along the next wall there is the cereal box, but at least it’s hidden somewhat, and of course, my can organizer. I LOVE this because I can see what everything is while keeping them all lined up and uniform. I actually want to get another one to put next to it in place of the cereal box. As you can see I had to double stack a couple cans.

Drumroll please… top row!! This is where the pantry really shines. All the heavenly jars. You can see in the first video most are still empty. It takes time to decide what deserves a big jar and what can fit in the smaller ones. I had my eye on several label designs on etsy but ultimately decided on buying a Dymo labeler like this one for the vintage look. Overall I’m very happy with it! It’s been a couple months and has stayed completely organized so I looks like the system works! If you have any pantry hacks I’d love to hear about them!

Ain’t she a beauty?

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