Rattan Entry Table: Before and After

Rattan and cane are everywhere. Dressers, cabinets, headboards. I love it! What I don’t love is the price. I even looked into a DIY version but the cane pattern I liked was $$$ and on backorder! Enter everyone’s favorite store: Target.

Target has been on their A game lately with the home goods. They recently did a collaboration with Studio McGee (swoon!) and everything is stunning. The pieces just didn’t;t work in our space- either not enough storage or not wide enough to fill the void that is our entryway. Then BAM. I found it. It had that rustic look rattan and was the perfect width, but it wasn’t tall enough OR the right color. For the price tag, I decided to risk it and do a DIY weekend.


I went to Home Depot and stocked up. Spray painting all the pieces is the most time consuming part. The spray, then dry, spray then dry over and over. But I promise it’s worth it! I stated by laying out a couple pieces at a time and coating evenly one side. Remember not to wait more than an hour in between coats otherwise you can get the “alligator” effect. I got distracted and food this out the hard way. I had to strip the piece and start over. Once everything is sprayed, you can add the legs. I suggest finding one with the same threading size as the target media console. I was very picky and bought one that didn’t fit. No biggie- we just ended up drilling a larger hole into the bottom of the entry table. We also added them after it was all put together but don’t recommend it. We thought the weight of the table would be best but we ended up having to build a support around the table to keep it completely still. Not ideal. Liquid nails cure pretty quickly but I’d let it set overnight with a clamp or at least a day. In the meantime you can put the rest of your new piece together and touch up anything you may scratch in the process. Although it takes a few days from start to finish its such an easy and simple DIY and the end piece ends up looking stunning!


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